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Welcome to Super-rational, a group discussion in the spirit of Enlightenment values and in celebration of the faculty of Reason. This blog is structured as an extended conversation, where each post is formulated as a response to the previous ones. This post, the INDEX, lists each post in chronological order so that the integrity of this conversation is maintained for a new reader.

  1. The Platonia Dilemma by Aziz

  2. Enlightened self-interest by araven

  3. I choose to defect by Aziz

  4. I choose to cooperate by Keith

  5. Right and wrong by Aziz

  6. Payoff and right by Keith

  7. Mapping to reality by Phlegm

  8. I choose to cooperate - because I can by Matoko

  9. Super? Super-rational by sourat

In addition, the right sidebar features a list of links that pertain to Reason and the Enlightenment. Anyone may submit a link to this feed by registering a account and then tagging the link with "enlightenment" and "for:azizhp".

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